Relevance of equity today

Equity introduced a few remedies which the common law Relevance of equity today not provide. Equity has proven itself capable of creating new remedies. Equity has contributed to the efficient development of the law by laying down vital rights, doctrines and principles.

In the s, two important new remedies were created, which includes the search order and the freezing order. Brands that rank high on each factor have high brand equity.

To deliver on equity, agencies should incorporate a more systematic understanding of equity and inequity into their policy decisions, implement pro-equity policies and influence developing country governments to address inequity. Equity looks to the intention and not the form Delay defeats equity Equity will not suffer a wrong to be without a remedy Equitable Doctrines These are rights where the law initially could not cover.

Power relations can cause and sustain inequity. On the other hand, employers pay when workplace equity is lacking. Yet, equity remains low on the policy agenda in many countries.

Equity and Today

As well as being a bad thing in itself, this inequity has a negative effect on growth, poverty reduction, social cohesion and voice.

The two systems of common law and equity operated quite separately, which led to conflict between them. Equity principles have their greatest impact in the development of law of property, contract, trusts and mortgages. Donor agencies need to focus more strongly on transforming an equity-focused agenda into tangible action for the poor, backed by political will at the top levels.

Equity in development: Why it is important and how to achieve it

The landlord is entitled to the amount claimed. Esteem can be built by providing great quality, service, support, etc. For example, he who comes to equity must come with clean hands. In addition, the common law only recognizes certain types of laws.

Legal and ethical decision-making Companies are expected to make legal and ethical decisions.

Importance of Equity to an Employer & an Employee

Not always easy to achieve, nevertheless this makes a huge difference when there are many competing products. However, while equity is used intuitively in development debates and programming, it seems that its meaning is not clearly understood.

In conclusion, equity is still very relevant today. Retention When employees have high morale, they are too happy to quit their jobs. Morale High achievement comes easiest when employers communicate expectations. But Denning indicated that if the landlord had claimed the full rental for the entire period, the claim would have failed because the landlord would have been estopped to go back on his promise to accept the lower sum.

Consequently, although this case was against the promissory estoppel, the company won the case. If equity exists and rewards are fair, employees feel motivated to give their best effort.

The Importance of Equity to an Organization

If an owner's equity increases over time, she can potentially sell her business for a profit. The power of branding rests in the perceptions, emotions and attitudes that consumers form towards a brand.

Any mistakes done in form-filling would most likely cause the claimant to lose the case as the law was too technical at that time—intentions are not taken into account.

Equity and Today

When employees expect to be treated unfairly, they either quit or perform more poorly so that their perceived effort matches the inadequate reward they expect. The remedies given were only damages, and this might adequately bring justice to every case. There should be no differences in outcomes based on factors for which people cannot be held responsible.The Relevance of Scientific Management and Equity Theory in Everyday Managerial Communication Situations Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Management Policy and Practice 13(3) Today equity is as vital and fruitful a source of principle as it ever was, because the fundamental notions of equity are universal applications of principles to continually recurring problems.

Equitable rights, interests and remedies remain in the law today. Sep 20,  · Until today, such principles and concepts are still widely applied in most, if not all countries around the world.

Therefore, the importance of equity towards the law, society, and country is definitely palmolive2day.coms: 3. The relevance of Equity as a source of law today? There have been some new developments in Equity in the 20th century. These have occurred when the common law was defective and there was no statute that remedied the defect/5(1).

Today equity is as vital and fruitful a source of principle as it ever was, because the fundamental notions of equity are universal applications of principles to continually recurring problems. Equitable rights, interests and remedies remain in the law today.

The dispute between these two judges was submitted to King James I who upheld the injunction against the common law court and decreed the following: “If there is a conflict between the common law and equity, equity shall prevail” King James I of England Although today equity does not exist in a unique court system – the principle.

Relevance of equity today
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