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There's even a studio commissary menu with DeMille's sketches scribbled on the back.

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Wilder agreed, and Westmore was assigned this task, which allowed Swanson to portray Norma Desmond as more glamorous a figure than Wilder had originally imagined. The Breen Office insisted certain lines be rewritten, such as Gillis's "I'm up that creek and I need a job," which became "I'm over a barrel.

When he was fourteen, she took him to see a play, The Sign of the Cross. He recalled first wanting Mae West and Marlon Brando for the leads, but never approached either with an offer. He could no longer be accused of making static tableaux.

All these were part of a Roman street where soldiers cast lots, bartering the lives of early Christians to turn over to Nero. A group of fifty Louisiana priests made a field trip to a screening and were edified.

There are no belly laughs here, but there are certainly strangled giggles: Shots of couples fondling and osculating during the orgy scene were far more provocative than anything previously shown in a major studio film. DeMille called his friend of twenty years, Jesse L.

Once bank loans were secured, DeMille instructed Leisen and production manager Roy Burns to keep him informed of his balance, right up to the minute.

The Sign of the Cross was a crucial project for DeMille, one of the four most important he had done — or would do. According to one often-told but recently discredited anecdote, [32] actress Mae Murraya contemporary of Swanson, was offended by the film and commented, "None of us floozies was that nuts.

The similarities ended there.

Cecil B. DeMille

He is not a sissy or a goody-goody, he is a regular fellow, an ideal type of man of high and steadfast principles, who believes the Commandments are as practicable in as they were in the time of Moses. DeMille also produced and directed plays. Following an appearance in Our Townhe served in the military in World War IIand his return to the screen afterward had been moderately successful.

He was behind schedule and needed to squeeze in a few extra shots. He had surpassed them. Though Movie industry cecil b demille essay was not seeking a comeback, she was intrigued when Wilder discussed the role with her. Many former stars from the silent era still lived in them, although most were no longer involved in the film business.

Why do they want me to audition? He greatly admired Herbert Hoover. By he was having difficulty supporting his wife and baby daughter. The original edit opened with a scene inside a morguewith the assembled corpses discussing how they came to be there. Inhe was seeking approval for a lavish remake of his silent film The Ten Commandments.

Warnerwho like DeMille, played themselves. He made his first film run sixty minutes, as long as a short play. As a young man living in Berlin in the s, Billy Wilder was interested in American culture, with much of his interest fueled by the country's films.

Charles Laughton as Nero. Audiences liked its highly saturated color, so DeMille made no further black-and-white features. It was bold, polished, and powerful. He cultivated the image of the omnipotent director, complete with megaphoneriding cropand jodhpurs.

He replied that since Norma Desmond was the role for which she would be remembered, "If they ask you to do ten screen tests, do ten screen tests, or I will personally shoot you. When we did the scene with the Christians being eaten by the lions, he really suffered.

DeMille asked Mitchell Leisen, who had been working with him as art director sinceto come to Paramount. The filmmakers approached Greta Garbo, but she expressed no interest. DeMille wanted to contrast a shot of Christians climbing the steps to the arena with a shot of lions running up their own steps, eager to attack.

He went before the Paramount board of directors, which was mostly Jewish-American. It had to be rebuilt and the scene moved to August The Hollywood Reporter wrote that future generations would "set themselves the task of analyzing the durability and greatness" of the film, while Commonweal said that in the future "the Library of Congress will be glad to have in its archives a print of Sunset Boulevard.The "New Woman" in Cecil B.

DeMille's "The Cheat" Essay examples - Cecil B. DeMille is regarded by many to be the founder of Hollywood, given that his film, The Squaw Man, was the first important full-length motion picture made in Hollywood. The "New Woman" in Cecil B.

DeMille's "The Cheat" Essay Words | 7 Pages Cecil B. DeMille is regarded by many to be the founder of Hollywood, given that his film, The Squaw Man, was the first important full-length motion picture made in Hollywood.

The Golden Globe's annual Cecil B. DeMille Award recognizes lifetime achievement in the film industry. The moving image collection of Cecil B. DeMille is held at the Academy Film Archive and includes home movies, outtakes, and never-before-seen test footage.

[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Justly regarded as a banner year for American cinema, witnessed the releases of Gone with the Wind, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Wizard of. The Ten Commandments is a American silent religious, epic film and produced and directed by Cecil B.

DeMille. Written by Jeanie MacPherson, the film is divided into two parts: a prologue recreating the biblical story of the Exodus and a modern story concerning two brothers and their respective views of the Ten palmolive2day.comed by: Cecil B.

DeMille. In Cecil B. DeMille wrote most of his early films but soon saw the need for a staff. He hired a well-known playwright to be both the company’s story editor and story department—his brother William de brothers worked well together, crafting the series of hits that led the Lasky Company to become Paramount Pictures.

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