An introduction to the history and geography of honduras

The Mayan civilization began a marked decline in population in the 9th century, but there is evidence of people still living in and around the city until at least The Misquito population is about thirty-four thousand.

This is an economically important region, the clayey and sandy loam soils producing rich crops of bananas, rice, cassava manioc, or yucaoil palmcorn maizecitrus fruits, and beans. Ceramics include porcelain objects in the form of animals, especially roosters.

However, this decision created resentment in the populated areas of Guatemala and El Salvador.

Conservative and popular opposition to Liberal policies led to the collapse of the federation, and Honduras declared its absolute independence on November 5, The Tawahka are a native people in the department of Gracias a Dios in the Mosquitia.

Christopher Columbus landed in Honduras on his last voyage in Cattle, poultry, and pigs are raised. The northern coastal and alluvial plains and coastal sierras make up about one-eighth of the land area and contain about one-fourth of the population.

May Day is celebrated with parades and speeches. Nongovernmental Organizations and Other Associations United States military aid was accompanied by economic aid.

One, which remained unratified, provided for free trade among all of the states except Costa Rica. Campesinos may earn only a few hundred dollars a year, but their lifestyle may be more comfortable than their earnings suggest.

The Misquitos are a native people with some African and British ancestry who reside in the department of Gracias a Dios in the Mosquitia. These men often wear rubber boots, and the women wear beach sandals. There are also private universities and a national agricultural school and a private one Zamorano.

Government Printing Office, The ideal is for married children to live near their parents, at least in the same city, if not in the same neighborhood or on a contiguous lot.

Democratic period between to [ edit ] Main article: There are Chinese restaurants owned by recent immigrants. InHonduras attempted to build, with foreign assistance, an Inter-Oceanic Railroad from Trujillo to Tegucigalpa and then on to the Pacific Coast.

Los Hijos del Copal y la Candela, Black Caribs Garifuna are descendants of freed black slaves and Carib Indians, and speak a language related to Carib. Banana production in Honduras The Liberal government opted to expand production in mining and agriculture, and in began granting substantial grants of land and tax exemptions to foreign concerns as well as to local businesses.

Although pigs and chickens are widely raised in the countryside, their meat is reserved for special occasions. A number of small islands and keys can be found nearby, among them Cayos Zapotillos and Cayos Cochinos. In the basilica in Suyapa there is a tiny wooden image of her that is believed to have miraculous powers.

Children specialize in scaring birds from cornfields with slingshots, fetching water, and carrying a hot lunch from home to their fathers and brothers in the field. Most Miskito now belong to the Moravian Church. During the midth century, despite its declaration of sovereigntyHonduras supported efforts to restore the Central American union, while its real independence was severely limited by its more powerful neighbours.

Long-term donations of wheat from the United States have kept food prices low but have provided a disincentive for grain farmers. Villages and towns, including the capital, Tegucigalpa, are tucked in the larger valleys. Dictators ruled the country and there have been some three hundred internal rebellions, civil wars, and changes of government since then.

Once the Viceroy was defeated in the capital, Mexico City, inthe news of the independence were sent to all the territories of New Spain including the Intendencies of the former Captaincy of Guatemala. Underpopulated and culturally distinct from the rest of the country, the area consists of inland savannah with swamps and mangrove near the coast.

Spanish-speaking people in the center of the country are the most numerous and are culturally dominant.

Human Geography: A Concise Introduction

These homes usually have an enclosed patio instead of a front yard. In the 18th century, however, the Spanish Bourbon kings made a sustained effort to recover the Caribbean coastal areas, and their success in the Gulf of Honduras was manifested by the completion of a fort at Omoa on the gulf by Rural people buy used clothing and repair each garment many times.

Early history When the Spanish arrived to colonize Honduras, the land was occupied by a variety of indigenous peoples, the most advanced of whom were the Maya.

Miskito, who are of mixed Indian, African, and European descent and live along the Caribbean coast, speak an Indian tongue with words from West African and European languages mixed in.

Byhowever, the Spaniards had exhausted the gold, and Santiago Antigua Guatemala became the new capital of the Kingdom of Guatemala.

Poet and historian Rafael Heliodoro Valle was the most respected Honduran literary figure of the twentieth century. Most Miskito now belong to the Moravian Church.Honduras Introduction Second largest of the Central American countries, Honduras is bounded on the north by the Caribbean Sea, on the east and south by Nicaragua, on the southwest by El Salvador and the Pacific Ocean, and on the west by Guatemala.

GEOGRAPHY. Honduras is bordered by Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.

History of Honduras

On the north, the country shares a vast stretch of coast with the Caribbean Sea. HISTORY. Christopher Columbus discovered Honduras in the 16th century, then home to the Maya and other indigineous people, and his discovery was soon followed by a Spanish conquest of the.

Learn about the history and culture of Honduras, the must-try food and drink, and what to pack in your suitcase. Read about Honduras's nature and wildlife, weather and geography, along with 'Country Quickfacts' compiled by our travel experts.

Hondurans - Introduction, Location, Language, Folklore, Religion, Major holidays, Rites of passage Germany to Jamaica Im doing a powerpoint for Geography. ANd this is the most helpful site yet. 3. haley young. i like your history about honduras thank u im just was reading because i like read about my country.

9. Tabathia. Mar 11, Honduras has a lot of information that you can look up on,and if u had 2 do a or more page essay u can do honduras im just i did honduras for my project I got an A because i did my best and honduras has a lot of great facts,it tells alot about their culture.

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Geography of Honduras

A Country Profile of Honduras. words. 2 pages. An Analysis of Great Stability Came to the Lands of Western Europe. words. 2 pages.

An introduction to the history and geography of honduras
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